Jennifer Lawrence appears topless (but covering up her bountiful bosom) on the cover of “Vanity Fair.” Inside the magazine she talks about how she was the victim of a sex crime when her seemingly thousands of nude pics were hacked and shown for all the world (or those who know the really good web sites) to see.

Sex crime?

C’mon JLaw.

Saying stupid shit like that is not only … well … stupid but it’s insulting to those who actually have been the victims of sex crimes. People looked at pictures of you naked. You’re comparing that to someone who was raped?


I rarely get too serious on this site because I do it for fun. Just like JLaw took the seemingly million nude pics of herself for fun. Were you embarrassed that so many people saw them? I’m sure you were. Will your career suffer in any significant way as a result? Of course not. You’re an amazing actress who everyone wants to work with and oh by the way you’re smoking hot with a great body.

So forgive me if I’m struggling to muster up any sympathy for you here sweetheart. Looking at nude women isn’t something new. It’s been around for as long as nude women have. It’s part of our DNA. We like beautiful things and if those beautiful things have great tits and are bending over showing me a great ass you’re damn straight I’m gonna look. And chances are I’m gonna cum too.

Yeah I’ve seen your pics Jen and they are glorious. If you think I’ve somehow sexually assaulted you as a result I strongly urge you to spend some time with actual victims of sex crimes, especially the ones who aren’t rich and famous and have the world at their feet. Maybe then you’ll see that looking at nude pics of celebrity chicks isn’t really all that big of a deal.

Oh and PS – please take more nudes. I┬ácan’t wait to see more of you.


God Bless the Internet and God Bless hot pieces of ass who love to take naked pictures of themselves. May both of them flourish forever.

So it looks like we have more leaked celebrity nudes. I’ve seen many of them and they range from the glorious (my cock belongs to you Vanessa Hudgens) to the boring (Hayden Pannettiere and Kaley Cuoco) and the unknown if they are legit or not (Bella Thorne). If Kylie Jenner, Stella Hudgens, Chloe Moretz or Ariel Winter show up in this latest batch of nudes I may never leave the house again.

And here I thought today was going to just be a great day for football.

The Internet is all abuzz today because James Franco met a cute 17-year-old girl and apparently wanted to fuck her. She put it all on her Instagram account because that’s what teenagers do – they document EVERYTHING.

Anyway, people are calling Franco a creep for trying to fuck this chick because she’s not 18 even though their chat made it pretty obvious (to me anyway) she was giving him every reason to think she wanted his cock inserted into her vagina and possibly other places as well. But while others are calling Franco a creep I’m actually finding him to be far more interesting now than ever before.

He’s a guy. Guys like to fuck young chicks. Young chicks like to be fucked. I’m not seeing the problem here.

I salute you James Franco. You’re probably still an overbearing faux-sophisticate but for today at least you’re just a regular guy like me. I like that about you.

Oh, here’s a picture of the girl Franco wanted to cum inside for those of you who care.



Is anyone surprised these girls are out getting trashed at night? With a strong parental figure like Kris Jenner in their lives, I’d expect nothing less.

“It’s OK if you wanna go out and get drunk tonight, girls. Just make sure you get your homework done first.”


If you believe several reports the past few days, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are no longer pretending as if Bieber is straight. I never quite understood that relationship to begin with. If Selena’s straight isn’t there plenty of guys she could hook up with that would boost her image? Like me, for example? How amazing would that be. The two of us going to premieres, smiling for the cameras, the inevitable sex tape where I direct Selena and several girls in a torrid lesbian orgy.

That would’ve been fucking amazing.

Instead, she pretended to be Bieber’s girl friend even though there’s no way in hell that kid is straight. He has to be terrified of the vag.

Anyway, the two of them may no longer be pretending to be a couple. At least for today. Who knows about tomorrow? The only thing I know is Selena will still be hot and I’ll still want to fuck her and watch her fuck other girls. Sometimes, life isn’t all that complicated.

I’ve never known quite what to make of Kristen Stewart. At times, she seems kinda hot. Other times she has the sexual appeal of a piece of wood. And I’ve pretty much been convinced no matter what that she’s a dyke and she had to be bearding for Robert Pattinson because that guy is clearly gay.


But then comes word that Kristen whored herself out to the director of the Snow White movie nobody saw, breaking Team Edward’s heart (hearts?) into a million tiny pieces. I’m not sure what surprised me more here, that apparently this relationship was real or the fact Kristen Stewart had sex or the fact she had sex with a guy.

Maybe all of the above.

Anyway, Kristen Stewart is a whore and whores are always welcome on my blog. And as you can see from one of the pics below she does have a pretty fucking nice ass. So welcome to my blog, Kristen. I’m glad you’re a whore but even though I may now want to fuck you that doesn’t mean I’ll want to watch those shitty “Twilight” movies.

Glowing vampires?

Give me a fucking break.

The innerwebs are abuzz with the news that Minka Kelly has a sex tape. It’s not with Derek Jeter and it’s not with another chick (damn) but it is Minka Kelly and she’s pretty fucking hot. It also may have been shot when she was 17 which shoots it off the hot meter even further. Hopefully this tape becomes public soon and we can all check it out and cum. Why elese would Minka have made it if she didn’t want all of us to enjoy it?


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