Cara Delevingne

Are the kids still doing that?

There’s something about Cara Delevingne that both turns me on and scares the living shit out of me. I’m also pretty sure she’ll fuck more girls in the next week than I will in my entire lifetime.

I’m  also pretty sure that’s a big part of what turns me on about her.

I also know I want her to fuck me.

Really really hard.

I’m fairly certain that will never happen, though, which sucks because it really should because it would be a lot of fun for me. Oh well. What’s a poor boy to do.


Although I prefer the direct approach I’m pretty good at reading between the lines and if you read between the lines here it’s pretty obvious Selena Gomez is telling Maxim magazine she fucked Cara Delevingne. Or technically, she probably got fucked since it’s pretty damn obvious Cara is a top. I mean c’mon, right?

Here’s what Selena had to say: “Honestly, though, [Cara is] incredible and very open and she just makes me open. She’s so fun and she’s just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life, so I didn’t mind it. I loved it.” We’ve got it, a lot of love.”

selena gomez-cara

Any girl who wears a Superman thong is OK in my book. I’m pretty sure Cara Delvingne is insane but I’m also pretty sure she fucks like a champion. So the latter outweighs the former and I’ll let her take me all night long.

Cara Delevingne-Sexy-Instagram-Pose

Oh yeah we all know she did. Kylie’s definitely a top so she was working the strap-on like a pro.

I bet she fucks like a champion with a strap-on.

Cara Delevigne at the photocall of La Face Cachee de Margot 17 June 2015. Please byline:

Cara Delevigne at the photocall of La Face Cachee de Margot
17 June 2015.
Please byline:

100 times?



I think we all know Cara’s wearing the strap-on when they fuck. Let’s not even try and pretend otherwise.


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