Brea Grant

I think this should happen. I’ve been super good so far this year. I should get something for that. It’s only fair.


Really really really like to.


It’s something I really wish I was doing right now. Instead I’m posting on my blog. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Well pretty much all the time. Damn, that just hit me right in the feels didn’t it?

You know what would make this all better? Brea letting me suck on her wonderful num nums.

See how I tied this all back together? I’m really good at all this. I’m fuckin amazing at it.






I really need to have sex with Brea Grant. I’m not sure how to make this happen. Is there anyone out there who knows Brea who could hook this up for me? Just tell her I’m a really cool guy and it would make me really happy if she fucked me. She seems like a really cool chick and would be super nice and do me a solid like that.

Thanks Brea. Let me know. I’ll be waiting.

Brea Grant-osWHnEw

Just open up that top, show me those gorgeous tits and let me cum until I can’t cum no more. Don’t you want me to be happy, Brea? Don’t you?

Brea Grant-Cph362YWAAAA8Re



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