Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds gets to fuck this whenever he wants.

I want to hate you Ryan Reynolds but you seem like a pretty cool guy so I can’t.

I fucking hate when that happens. Elder-blake _57_

Mind if I butt-fuck you?

Blake Lively knows what she’s got and she knows how to use it. Here’s Blake showing off her fine ass and big jugs. Not as revealing as some pics of hers I’ve seen but good enough to make my cock swell with joy.

I wonder if she would like to fuck me.

Blake Lively is one of the best current examples of a chick who’s using the casting couch to further her career. She’s modestly talented but insanely hot and she knows that if she fucks often and well enough she’ll continue to be a “star” – at least until her looks fade or her fucking skills decline.

Now keep in mind, when I call Blake a whore I view that as a compliment. She clearly likes to fuck – or at least she’s really good at pretending she does – and she’s smoking hot. I like whores who like to fuck and view their ability to fuck as arguably their most compelling asset.

So here’s to you Blake Lively for being one of Hollywood’s Hottest Whores. Keep fucking Ryan Reynolds (again) and then move on to the next guy you can fuck who will further your career. It’s too bad that guy won’t be me. All I can offer you is a mind-blowing orgasm.

If only that were enough for you. Sigh.

Gorgeous asses in skin tight jeans make me want to cum.

As the euphoria of Blake Lively nude pictures consume the Internet her reps have quickly rallied to say the pics that surfaced last night are actually fake.


You mean a girl who looks like Blake Lively with the same mole, same body type, same exact cell phone and same exact jewelery took pictures and pretended they were Blake Lively Nudes?

Maybe I should go back and change the headline on last night’s post to “Alleged.” Or I can do nothing because I believe they really are her and her reps are full of shit.

Decisions. Decisions.

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