Ashley Tisdale

I don’t know what Ashley Tisdale does anymore. She pissed away her prime fucking years by getting married. But that ass is still fantastic. No doubt about that.

Not sure if you all noticed since you were probably staring at her ass.


As did my cock. Over and over and over again.

What a way to go. 

Ashley Tisdale invited a bunch of her friends over to her house today, including Vanessa and Stella Hudgens. The invite said “Wear bikinis and be ready to show off your ass and then fuck like lesbians in heat.”

This could be the best party of the year. Well done, Ashley. Well done.

Ashley Tisdale was part of the Disney crop of hot young pieces of ass. She had a promising future as a hot young slut before she flushed it all down the toilet by foolishly getting married at a really young age. So bye bye career and prime slut years and hello Mrs. WhoeverTheFuckItIsSheMarried.

Go Ashley.

Anyway, here’s Ashley reminding us she’s still got a fine young bod. Unfortunately, it’s being wasted on one guy during her best slut years.

Chicks. I’ll never understand them.


Ashley Tisdale is another Disney chick who could’ve been a major league slut. Instead she threw it all away by getting married way too young. But here she is posting a picture of her ass on Instagram to remind everyone she still has a pretty damn nice ass. Too bad it’s a married ass. You had such promise young Ashley but you just fucked it all up.


Ashley Tisdale-N7mhnTT

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