Ashley Greene

Sure it’s what we want but more importantly it’s what THEY want. Don’t deny your desires girls. Give in to the lust and we’ll all be happy.


I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that when hot sluts get together in bikinis they end up fucking. So I think we can safely assume that after this picture was taken Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene adjourned to their shared quarters and spent the rest of the day engaging in the type of lesbian lust that people like me write sonnets about.

OK, I don’t write sonnets. I just cum thinking about it. But that should count for something, shouldn’t it? Especially when you take into consideration how often this fantasy is going to make me cum.

Man overboard.

Oakley Learn To Ride Bali - Day 2

I don’t watch the “Twilight” movies but I do like girls with fine asses. So here’s Ashley Greene making her Undercover debut, not because I can’t decide between Team Gay or Team Really Really Gay but because I would love to butt-fuck Ashley Greene.