Ariana Grande

She looks comfortable like that.

ariana grande

I’m sure Ariana Grande thinks of herself as a serious musical artist and not a hot young piece of ass who needs to flaunt her sexuality to become relevant. I once thought of myself as Spider-Man so I can definitely relate.


I think a lot of the hot celebrity chicks are unsure if I’d be willing to fuck them so I like to make it clear in order to prevent any possible confusion. So yes, Ariana Grande I would fuck you if you asked.

See how easy that is?

So let’s fuck now Ariana.

agsi1017 (3)

I wouldn’t mind spending a week or two loving every sweet inch of them.

Ariana Grande NRJ radio studios Paris 101414_01

I bet they taste like sunshine.

ag920b (8)

I’m perusing the InnerWebs today and it seems like every other story is detailing what a raving little bitch Ariana Grande is. First off, this hardly comes as a surprise. She just looks like a little bitch. Secondly, she hangs around with Justin Bieber.

Nuff said.

On the bright side, Ariana Grande has a fantastic ass. So assuming she lets you lick it and fuck it you might be willing to forget about the fact she spent every other second that day being an enormous bitch.

I’m sure I could figure out a way to make it work. But that’s because I’m pretty amazing when it comes to overlooking¬†someone’s flaws when they have an ass like this.


You don’t mind, do ya?

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