Anna Paquin

I want to make sweet, passionate anal love to her.

I’ve tried to watch “True Blood” a few times but I can’t get into it. I like horror stories quite a bit but for some reason this one just doesn’t grab me.

However, if the show consisted of 60 minutes every week watching Anna Paquin fuck I’d be its No. 1 fan. This girl fucks like a champion. Here are some pics of Anna showcasing her fucking skills in last week’s episode.

Good freakin God.

I watched about 10 minutes of “True Blood” last season on HBO. I like horror movies but this one didn’t grab me even though I think Anna Paquin is a fine piece of ass. But a lot of people do like the show and a whole bunch of folks tuned in for the second season premiere. A record 3.7 million folks tuned in to see it, making it was the most-watched show on HBO since “The Sopranos” (disappointing) finale two years ago.

All I’ve heard was there’s a sex scene involving the lovely Anna. So here it is. Apparently there are nearly 4 million people who want to see this chick naked and fucking.

The people have spoken.

Anna Paquin003