Anna Kournikova

I don’t watch “The Biggest Loser” because I have a life but apparently Anna Kournikova was going to be on the show. Turns out NBC fired her because she’s too fucking hot. At least I guess that’s why they fired her. I can’t think of any other good reason. It’s a reality show, right? So it’s not like she has to act. She just has to be Anna Kournikova. In other words, she’s there to be hot.

Apparently, she was just too damn hot for NBC. Good to see NBC is prepared to further flush its value down the toilet. First, they shelve the fantastic “Community” and now they don’t want America to see Anna’s amazing ass every week.

Brilliant work, boys. Absolutely brilliant.

Now with even more hotness.

New balls please.

Today is a great day for topless pictures of gorgeous celebs. Here is the hottest (former) women’s tennis player ever – Anna Kournikova – conveniently leaving her bikini top at home as he allows the sun to gently carress her Russian tits.

Я счастлива

That means – “I’m happy” in Russian. I looked it up on Google.

Anna Kournikova-UHLYUIOHB6_Clip_6Anna Kournikova-UMUVO4V5BB_Clip_3

Nice tramp stamp.


Nothing says Opening Day in baseball quite like a fine ass. Don’t believe me, check out the following sweet asses and tell me what’s better. Looking at them or watching the Pirates?

In order they are:

Jessica Biel

Jessica Alba

Anna Kournikova

Michelle Trachtenberg

Christina Aguilera

Mena Suvari

Hilary Duff








She had my cock in a Love game.