Anna Kendrick

Nicer tits.

I’d like to lose myself in her bosom.

Or any day ending in “Y” to be honest.

How lovely to see some of you again.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

They also make me horny. I’d love to bury my face in her cleavage and lose myself there for days.


Anna Kendrick in a bra is nowhere near as amazing as Anna Kendrick without a bra but it’s still pretty fucking great. Look at those tits. How much fun would be to nuzzle up to them and spend a night sucking on them.

You don’t have to answer that. It’s entirely a rhetorical question.


Is it OK if I suck on them for awhile? I’d like that a lot.

Anna Kendrick official wrap party for The Last 5 Years in NYC_071813_6

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