Amy Adams

She’s very talented.

So fucking hot. Amy you are MILF-Tastic.


I’m a huge fan of her tits.

Oh, and she is a great actress. She really is.

But man, those tits are fantastic.

How you doin?

Now there is some sweet Ginger goodness.

Amy Adams-owBpDgY

Look at her gorgeous tits. Just think how great I would feel if Reese let me suck on them. Don’t you want me to feel great Reese?

Oh, Amy Adams is pretty fucking hot too. I’d love for her to let me fuck her too.

And there’s Channing Tatum for all of you who like guys.

See, I let you have some of that too every once in awhile.


Let’s just give her the Oscar now. I guarantee you nobody else in her category has an ass like that.

That’s one helluva performance, Amy. You win. I love you. Can I fuck you in the ass now? I promise not to cum on your Oscar. Unless you want me too. I’m very good at taking direction. Hey, we have something in common. Isn’t that wonderful? 


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