Amanda Bynes

I’ve avoided posting pics of Amanda Bynes lately because it’s pretty apparent she’s become a living, breathing train wreck whose life is being flushed down the toilet. Not only does she look like a coke-addled extra on a cheap porn film but she’s gone off the deep end in such extreme fashion that even Lindsay Lohan is embarrassed for her.

But she’s always had great tits and last night she posted this pic of her and her glorious jugs. This may be the last time we get to look at her beautiful mounds of love and feel good about wanting to cum all over them so I’m going to break my self-imposed Avoiding All Things Amanda Bynes mantra and post this pic so we can all look at those great tits and want to cum all over them.

Even if we feel kinda bad about it afterwards.



Amanda Bynes has gone from promising young actress to batshit crazy. Yes, she’s the new Lindsay Lohan. But Amanda still has a sweet bod and gorgeous tits and she demands you look at them as evidenced by this picture of her tits she posted on Instagram.

It’s yet another reminder that while you never want to get serious with a batshit crazy slut they sure are lots and lots of fun to fuck.


I’m shocked, shocked I tell you at this picture showing Amanda Bynes getting high while driving her car. She seemed to have everything together. There wasn’t the slightest hint her entire life and career were being flushed down the toilet. Just goes to show you that you never really know someone.

I’m not letting Amanda Bynes anywhere near my car and she’s never driving me home. But I’d sure love to suck on those nice tits and fuck her hard. I’m guessing she’s loads of fun.

Amanda Bynes took time off from her busy schedule of drunk driving and hit and running to post on Twitter that she’s actually stone-cold sober and anyone who takes exception to that should be fired.

By the President of the United States.

“Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

Well it’s not really “the end,” Amanda because you see there is video evidence of you being drunk off your ass, you were arrested for drunk driving and the President might have better things to do than help you stay out of jail. I doubt he’ll be swayed even if you once again pronounce your love for black cock.

You are hot Amanda and even though I don’t have a giant black cock I’d still love to fuck you. I’d even drive you home afterwards. That way nobody’s car gets hit and nobody has to get fired by the Commander and Chief.

Amanda Bynes is quickly on the fast track to Lohaning her career which is too bad because she’s smoking hot and from the sounds of it is a party girl. It’s too bad when sluts can’t control their slutiness and have to piss their lives away too. Oh well. The good news is Amanda’s ass is still built for fucking as her tight jeans clearly show. I will butt-fuck you gladly, Amanda even if your career is probably close to being over. It’s what I like to do with tight, round asses like yours.

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter and the other day she decided to take a picture of herself wearing a wig. Because she knows she’s a hot piece of ass she took the picture while wearing a bikini top.

I love hot chicks.

And I love Amanda’s tits.

Let me suck on them baby.

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