Alyson Michalka

OK I’ll look.

Aly Michalka-xWjhInC

Now that’s a body built for fucking.


Vanessa Hudgens, the love of my life, turned 25 on Saturday. She had a wonderful party. Curiously, I was not invited. However, little sister Stella was there and she wisely showed off her fantastic tits to make sure not all of the attention was bestowed upon the birthday girl. The Michalka sisters were there as well and if there is a God in heaven the four of them spent a good part of the evening engaged in torrid lesbian sex.

Happy Birthday Vanessa. I love you. Let’s fuck.


Aly Michalka posted this picture of her tits on Instagram recently. I like hot chicks with great tits. I love hot chicks who want to show off their great tits whenever they can. So yes, I love Aly Michalka.


Aly Michalka posted this picture on Instagram which I’m pretty sure was her way of telling me that she wants me to fuck her in the ass. Since Aly has long been a personal favorite and her ass is amazing I’m going to happily honor her request and plunge my throbbing hard cock in and out of her sexy ass. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a girl who asks for something politely.


I have a feeling that if Aly Michalka and I fucked it would be absolutely amazing for at least one of us.

Alyson Michalka Bon Appetit Hosts Dinner Celebrating Kevin West's Book in LA_062613_2

Aly Michalka is a personal favorite of mine and it’s not just because she has great tits. I do like those tits, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I very well may love them. I may want to suck on them and lick them and kiss them and grind my cock between them until I’m cumming all over them.

Ummm … sorry I got sidetracked. What was I saying again?


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