Alison Haislip

I was perusing the Internet today and came across several interesting Lesbian gossip items. As one of mankind’s most fervent supporters of lesbian celebrity fucking I had to check it out. Among the things I read is that Christina Aguilera fucked Alison Haislip when Haislip was working on “The Voice” and then got her fired when their relationship ended.

Now keep in mind this is all gossip but Christina definitely likes the ladies and Alison Haislip strikes me as the type of chick who would happily fuck a hot piece of ass if she had the chance. So I believe it. Do you? Take a look at the pics below and then imagine the two of them fucking.

Seems believable, doesn’t it? Of course it does.

alison-haislip-lq1_123_244lo"Pussycat Dolls" Live at The Roxy

I’m not really sure what Alison Haislip does now that she no longer works for G4. I guess she’s an actress. What I do know is she seems like a very cool chick and she makes my cock throb. Although I prefer her as a blonde, her delicious looking thighs are a great start to my Wednesday. In honor of this day of the week, I would very much like to hump Alison all day.

See what I did there, Alison?

Now come over here and fuck me.


I’d love to spend hours licking and kissing them.


There’s some serious photoshopping in place here with these new Maxim pics, but make no mistake, Alison Haislip is hot and her ass makes me want to have anal sex all weekend long. This chick is massively under-rated and really needs to work her gorgeous ass onto my cock so both of us can cum.

It’s what both of us need and deserve.

She’s funny, cool, appears to have a dynamite personality and her ass is damn close to perfection. What’s not to like about Alison Haislip? My cock loves her. My cock wants to be BFFs with her. My cock wants to feel the wonder of being inside her incredible ass.

It’s a proven fact that if you’re a girl and you kiss another girl you like to fuck other girls. Don’t give me this bullshit about how you’re just doing it for the guys or you’re just “an actress.” Fuck that. If you are going to french kiss another girl the only reason you’re doing it is because you like it. And if you like kissing other girls, you definitely like 69ing with them and fucking them with strap-ons.

I’m here to school you people so listen to what I say.

Oh, here’s the smoking hot Alison Haislip going at it with another girl in a “movie.” Yeah right, Alison. You ain’t fooling anybody baby.

Remember a few weeks ago when G4 sent the wonderful Alison Haislip fishing with the sharks wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini? Well apparently the network decided that the only thing better than seeing Alison’s incredibly fine ass in a bikini once was seeing it a second time.

So more footage of Alison, a blue bikini and her gorgeous ass were aired on “Attack of the Show.” This is Emmy-award winning decision making folks. Any idiot can come up with an idea to flaunt a hot piece of ass in a bikini. But it takes a true creative genius to decide to do it more than once.

I salute you, G4 and now I will proceed to furiously stroke my cock until I cum.

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