Alison Brie

I’d like to shave a few strokes off her game.

I like to look.

You’ve all been good today so here’s a present.


I like girls with great tits. Alison Brie has great tits. So therefore, I like Alison Brie.

A lot.

brie (2)

Oh, who am I kidding. I wanna fuck Alison Brie every day.


Nice tits. Nice everything.


Many thanks to blog reader Jules for sending me this link. Here’s an “x-ray” view of Alison Brie’s magnificent mounds of love. I’m surprised I can even type considering all the blood is now rushing straight to my cock.

Thanks for sending this to me, Jules. And it isn’t even my birthday.

Edited to add Jules sent me a color version of the same pic. I love you Jules. No really I do.

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