Alexis Bledel

A picture is wonderful but nothing beats a video when it comes to seeing hot chicks show off their tits.

Well it’s actually better to have the hot chicks with you in person shoving their tits in your mouth so you can savor their immense beauty.

But Alexis Bledel isn’t here with me now so a video will have to do.

I’m fairly certain I’m still going to cum nicely.

I’ve never watched “Mad Men” although I’ve heard it’s a great show. Had I known that Alexis Bledel was going to show off a fine glimpse of her tits last night I definitely would’ve tuned in.

Bledel’s career has gone nowhere since “Gilmore Girls” ended even though she had an impressive turn as a hooker in “Sin City.” Wisely, she’s realized that a great way to get her name back on the map is to show off some skin. So here she is flashing some tit and making my cock start to really throb.

Now that’s what I call Must See TV.

I’m not sure if Alexis Bledel has a new film coming out or what but she’s been popping up all over the place lately. And you won’t hear me complain one iota about that. Notice the sultry eyes and the sexy legs, everything that makes Alexis one of the most underappreciated babes around. I’d love to make sweet love to her as she gazed up at me with those wondrous eyes. I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen too. Good things tend to happen to me all the time.

So bring it on Rory Gilmore. I’m ready for ya.

Her eyes are the bluest of blue. They pierce my soul. They demand my attention. They tell me to kneel in front of her. They tell me slide my tongue up and down her gorgeous thighs and bury my face between them. They tell me I am hers and I belong to her.

I cannot resist you, Alexis Bledel. I am yours.

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Looks like Alexis is trying to sex up her image. I like it. Show us some skin Rory. Make me cum.

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I see no other reason why she’d wear a tight, short, see-through outfit.

God bless you Alexis. I would love to fuck you.

Come on over baby and take me.


Rory Gilmore is all grown up and ready to fuck.


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