Alexa Vega

There’s a rainbow in this picture. Not sure how many of you saw itĀ if you were too busy checking out her ass.

Fuckin pervs.

Alexa Vega


Alexa Vega is 26 years old and she’s already been married twice. It absolutely boggles the mind how a smoking hot young slut would fuck up her life at that age not once but twice. When you’re hot with a body built to fuck why are you getting married?


Oh well. Alexa Vega clearly isn’t all that bright. But just look at those tits. Imagine losing yourself in her deep, wonderful cleavage. Suddenly her poor life decisions don’t seem to matter all that much anymore.

Neither do yours.

Aren’t tits wonderful?


When she clearly has so much to give to all of us?


Just when Alexa Vega and her magnificent body were being thrust into the public’s eye and her career looking like it could really go places she fucked it all up by getting married.


Seriously Alexa, didn’t you learn your lesson the first time. Smoking hot pieces of ass in their early 20s shouldn’t be two-time divorcees. Live up that hot slut factor to the fullest now, then get married later on. Why is that so difficult for so many of these chicks to comprehend?

Oh well, Alexa Vega may be a world-class idiot but look at those tits, will ya?

vega (1)

Just when Alexa Vega was making a huge run at slut supremacy she fucked it all up by getting married during her prime slut years. As a result I soon lost interest in her. What a waste. But she still has fantastic tits and I love fantastic tits so here’s Alexa Vega and her tits which sadly now belong to just one guy and not all of us like it should be.

29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival -  Montecito Award to Oprah Winfrey

Because something this wonderful deserves as much adoration – and orgasms – as humanly possible.


I’m sure Alexa will try and tell you that she’s taking a picture of herself working out but let’s be real – that’s a picture of a hot chick proudly showing off her fine ass. That’s my kind of slut too so I’m on board with you taking these kinds of pictures Alexa. Please take more of them and then please come here and let me butt fuck you.


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