January 2017

Mia’s got fantastic thighs. I’d love to watch Chloe and her fuck. I don’t think I’m asking for too much here either. Seems like a reasonable request.


Time to cum again.


I’m not a fashion critic but what the fuck is Sofia Richie wearing here? I love the exposed bra look but the rest of it? Looks like she tore down the curtains on a home from the 70s. I still wanna fuck you, Sofia. That’s how much I love you.


I’d like to give her my golden statue.



I can’t stand hockey but I love hot chicks in jerseys. I’d love to peel this one off Chloe before we make love. Then I’ll watch her fuck Kristen Stewart again. I’m totally OK with all that.


Here’s a pic of them together the other day. I’ll let you be the judge.

Pretty sure Kristen wore the strap-on, though. Smart money’s on that one.


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