Kylie Jenner pretty much bores me. Just about everything about her now feels fake like the rest of her family. And her loser wanna-rapper boyfriend is such a joke it’s hard to take anything about her seriously.

But she does like to flaunt her body. Of course she does, it’s her family’s only talent. And I know some (many?) of you still like to look at her. So I figure every six months or so I’ll give you what you want.

Besides, it’s almost Christmas so I guess I’m like Santa now. Jesus I’m a sap.

So here’s Kylie doing what Kylie does best – showing off her bod making you wish you could fuck her only to turn around and fuck some loser who’s then going to go off and fuck some tranny somewhere and apparently Kylie’s totally OK with that because she’s too fucking stupid to know what a complete low-life this fucking idiot is who’s cumming in her ass all the time.

Enjoy Mutherfuckers.