Selena Gomez entered a rehab facility for what her PR people said was for her “emotional well being.” That’s PR bullshit for “she’s a fucking drug addict.” Pathetic really. Selena’s a smoking hot piece of ass. She should have the world by the balls. Fucking anything and everything that moves. Why does she need to fuck around with drugs?

I don’t get these young kids today. Especially hot pieces of ass like Selena. Just enjoy the fact you’re young, hot and rich. The world isn’t that fucking difficult when everything is being given to you on a fucking silver platter. And I don’t mean all that coke you’re shoving up your nose either you dumb fucking bitch.

Jesus Fng Christ Selena. Don’t piss your fucking life away. Wake the fuck up before you end like a Lohan and everybody has forgotten how much they wanted to fuck you every day of the week.

End of rant.

Here’s a reminder of how much we all want to fuck Selena Gomez before it’s too late.