In one of the picture threads yesterday I mentioned a rumor that I read about Chloe’s relationship with the Beckham kid. Well here it is for those who may be interested. Again, this is just a rumor.

According to a recent blind item on a gossip site the Beckham’s aren’t happy that Chloe’s a rather big pothead and they don’t want Baby Beckham caught up in all that so they’ve demanded the two slow down the roll of their relationship. Again, this is a blind item and many of these turn out to be bullshit.

However, it is worth noting that almost immediately from the time this was published there has been a dramatic decrease in public displays of affection and commentary on the relationship, especially from Chloe, who couldn’t stop gushing about it up until that point. So maybe it’s all just bullshit but if it is it’s sure one helluva coincidence.

In any event, this is what can happen when you’re dating an underage kid. The parents will get involved, especially when they’re kinda rich and famous and own England and stuff. Oh well.

So that’s the rumor for those who may have been interested.

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