Today is “Star Wars” day as the world celebrates the return of the true “Star Wars” with “The Force Awakens.” I say true “Star Wars’ because the three prequel films were unbelievably awful and threatened to destroy the entire fabric George Lucas so brilliantly created nearly 40 years ago. The fact it was Lucas himself threatening to destroy his own creation was one of the most bizarre things of all.

The good news is J.J. Abrams is here to right the ship and I have no doubt “The Force Awakens” will return Star Wars to its rightful position of glory.

But even though the last three films were about as enjoyable as being force-fed cow vomit there was one good thing about them – Natalie Portman. And if you think Natalie Portman is good, check out her fine ass. That is all kinds of goodness.

If Lucas had just filmed Portman’s ass for two hours in three separate films he wouldn’t have gone awry so badly. Anything would’ve been better than Hayden Christensen trying to act all tortured and stuff.

Happy “Star Wars” Day everyone.

Natalie Portman-closer gif 5