December 2015


Chloe Moretz-goddess

I don’t know who Madison Beer is. Well I kinda know she’s a singer or something who Justin Bieber might be fucking or wants to fuck or has watched Selena Gomez fuck. I can’t keep up with all of it.

Anyway, she’s a singer apparently which means nothing to me. What I do like is that she’s hot and looks amazing in a bikini. That’s the kind of skill I will applaud, not getting on her knees to swallow Bieber’s cock which is actually really sad and pathetic.

So here’s Madison Beer making her debut in my blog. Whether she makes a return visit is entirely up to her.


Time to cum.

Shay Mitchell-blue

We will all surrender willingly to their power and majesty.

Ashley Benson-tits3

A very good thing.

chloe moretz_portada_fotos_enero__432813364

They need to kiss a bit lower. There’s some serious jug action just waiting to be loved.

Debby Ryan

It looks real fashionable. I notice these things.

Hilary Duff-purse

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