October 2015

I don’t post a lot of pics of Pia Mia because there’s nothing all that special about her. Yeah she’s a serious piece of ass but there are millions of them walking around. I’m just not sure there’s anything about Pia that should make me stand up and shout, “WOW, there’s Pia Mia.”

Except maybe her ass. Yeah that ass is shout worthy.

Sorry Pia. You are special after all.

Pia Mia-bikini1Pia Mia-bikini2

Those lips.

My God, those lips.

Chloe Moretz-wU52lk5


This makes me sad. I’m such a nice guy.

Brea Grant-tumblr_nwykmduN1S1qkb0qjo1_500

It seems pretty obvious Bella Thorne saw my post this morning about Ariel Winter’s ass and was determined to remind me her ass is pretty sweet too. Message received, Bella. Message received.

Bella Thorne

Best of luck to all the babes who still want to win this honor. Gonna be tough to top Ariel today.

Although some of you girls may want to top her.

Now there’s a photo that would definitely win every day.

ariel winter_thong_bikini

And fantastic thighs.

Ariel Winter

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