August 2015

I’m not even gonna put up a fight.

Selena Gomez-kHiqlGe

I’d pay to watch them fuck.

Pretty sure Selena would wear the strap-on.

I didn’t watch “Neighbors” because I don’t want to fuck Seth Rogan or Zac Efron.

I’m going to watch “Neighbors 2” because I want to fuck Chloe Moretz.

Really Hollywood, if you want to appeal to my moviegoing tastes, more Chloe and less Efron. How tough is that really?

Chloe Moretz-xAt4yYTChloe Moretz-3pF34EM

Without a doubt.

Ariel winter-jYUUe2l

And amazing legs.

Really it’s the legs that are worth looking at but if any of you have a sock fetish don’t say I’ve never done anything for ya.

Chloe Moretz1440608715391

Kiss her like you mean it, Brea. And please use a strap-on. Always use a strap-on.

Brea Grant-tumblr_ntnqve3yfA1rlb6iho1_500

I think it might have something to do with the fact her body is spectacular.

Just a guess.

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