January 2015

I’ve always wanted to fuck Hilary Swank. If I was on the episode of “The Office” where they debated whether Hilary Swank was hot or not I not only would’ve voted yes but I would’ve excused myself so I could cum in her honor. That’s how badly I’ve always wanted to fuck her. I’m pretty sure that means we’re soul mates.

swank (1)swanky (3)


Oh how happy I would be.

I bet most of you didn’t even notice that because you were too busy checking out Shay’s killer bod in a bikini.



I don’t pay much attention to Katy Perry to be perfectly honest. I’ve never heard any of her songs and know little about her other than she has big tits and let Russell Brand cum inside her a lot. Turns out she also has really nice legs. Nice tits and nice legs. A real dual threat. I may have to start paying more attention to you Miss Perry.

Katy Perry @ Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show Press Conference 014

Over and over and over again.


Hot chicks in fishnet stockings get me hard and make me wanna cum. Emily Osment is a hot chick in fishnet stockings. In a related story, I’m hard and I wanna cum.

Imagine that.


And really luscious thighs.


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