December 2014

As I posted a little while ago, Selena Gomez and Shay Mitchell are part of a group of hot young pieces of ass in Dubai. Based on this picture I think we can safely say Selena and Shay are fucking and they’re bringing in all the girls who want to join them. That’s really sweet. Nothing says I’m a caring person more than hot chicks who take part in all-girl lesbian orgies.

Selena Gomez-Shay

Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell and some other hot chicks are in Dubai either partying in the New Year or, if you believe the rumors, fucking all kinds of really rich oil dudes for lots and lots of money. I’m inclined to believe Kendall and Selena are probably whoring themselves out. After all, Kendall comes from a family of whores and Selena Gomez let Justin Bieber penetrate her so you know her sexual decision making is highly flawed to begin with.

Anyway, Kendall is also wearing a bikini in Dubai when she’s not out (allegedly) fucking really rich oil dudes. For that I thank her as does my cock as it now springs to life and asks me how much money I have in my IRA and can any of it be used to fuck Kendall Jenner.

Yes my cock speaks. Yours doesn’t? Loser.


It definitely appears 2014 is gonna go out with a bang.

Chloe Moretz - shake

I wanted to let people know about the tat. Not sure how many saw it considering everyone was probably looking at her fantastic ass.

Easy mistake to make.

Kylie Jenner - tat

It’s always wonderful to see you.

Kylie Jenner-butt

I like hot chicks with great bodies in bikinis. Even if they’re hanging all over dudes I know are nowhere near as cool as I am. It’s not my fault Emily Osment clearly has horrible taste in men. But good God she looks so great in her black bikini I’m almost willing to forgive her.

Emily Osment-bikini

To be honest I wanna suck on them every day. But I figure she’s probably busy with the whole acting thing so I’ll just ask for her to let me suck on them today. It’s just one day Emily. Only one out of 365. Seems like a very reasonable request.

Emily Osment-tits2

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