May 2014

It’s been nine long years since “Sin City” was released. It was a terrific film, arguably Robert Rodriguez’s best, and featured Carla Gugino’s ass and some great performances, including Jessica Alba at the peak of her hotness before she fucked up her career by getting married and pregnant.

The sequel will hit movie theaters soon and if this picture is any indication it’s going to be outstanding. You can’t go wrong showcasing Eva Green’s glorious jugs. I salute you Robert. And Eva, I am now going to cum in your honor.

What more could you want in a film?


Would you mind if I lick and fuck your gorgeous ass?

Just wondering.


Try to ignore the dude and focus on those gorgeous tits and how amazing it would be to suck on them. Or include the dude in your fantasies if you’re into that. I do not judge. For me, I just want Emily’s glorious jugs. And I want them badly.


Feed ’em to me now.

Emily Osment

Let’s all line up to suck.

And fuck.

Oh yes, let’s definitely fuck.

I’ll fuck her friend too.

Better yet, I’d love to watch Emily fuck her.

And then fuck them both.



Chrissy Teigen is a model who’s married to some singer I’ve never heard of. She was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue this year so I followed her on Instagram for awhile. But I got tired of her quickly. She never posted sexy stuff and talked about her husband way too much. I don’t need that shit when I’m looking to get off.

But she is a hot piece of ass with great tits and here she is showing them off. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you another shot Chrissy.

Would it kill you to post a lesbian sex video or something? Then you would be totally awesome.


It’s Pavlovian.


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