March 2014

A lot.

A lot. A lot. A lot.

Hilary Duff and Luca out and about in Beverly Hills

Fuck me now.


I’ve never wanted to fuck a basketball player before.

I now want to fuck a basketball player.


Mind if I slide my cock in your ass?


I gotta hand it to Disney, they definitely know what I like. Here’s Peyton List, who’s on one of the many shows on Disney I tell people I don’t watch but I really do because she is a blossoming smoking hot piece of ass who’s gonna make me cum today. When Walt Disney created Disney I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what he had in mind.

Thanks Walt.

Peyton List0019

I want her to take it, love it and own it.

Chloe Bennet0004

I think this is a reasonable request. I think it would be great if she fucked me. I would like that a lot.


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