February 2014

There are no words that can adequately express just how awesome Rihanna is. Just look at this picture of her in a see-through top and rejoice.

And cum.

Oh yes, you shall cum.

rihanna (2)

I’m becoming more and more convinced the only articles of clothing Hilary owns are skin tight jeans and mini-skirts.

God bless her for that.

Hilary Duff recording studio LA_022614_21

They’re big and wonderful and look like they’d be so much fun to suck on.

Ariel Winter

I know Miley’s trying way too hard but when a girl wants so badly to be fucked in the ass I’m gonna wanna fuck her in the ass. So yes Miley Cyrus, I wanna butt fuck you. Give me that tight ass and I’ll happily plunge my cock in and out of it until I cum.


Feed those beautiful round buns to me, baby. I promise to love them forever.


Wanna fuck?

Bella Thorne Non Stop premiere LA_022414_4

Having a tattoo near your pussy does not guarantee that you’re a slut who loves to fuck.

But let’s just say the odds are heavily tilted in that direction.

Right Lea Michele?


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