December 2013

Imagine losing yourself in that sweet, wonderful mouth.


My New Year’s Eve wish is for Stella Hudgens to stop by and fuck my brains out. That’s not asking for too much, is it? I didn’t think so.


Can we just give this film the Best Picture Oscar now and be done with it. Look at that bod. Amy Adams is one hot MILF.

Christian Bale;Amy Adams;Bradley Cooper

As expected, it’s barely hot enough to get my cock’s attention. How can you have a lesbian kiss without a torrid 69 and some intense strap-on fucking? I know my lesbians and I know what they like. Or it’s what I like. I always get that confused.

Oh well, here’s a kiss between two smoking hot pieces of ass who should be naked and licking each other’s wet pussies. You want to win an Oscar people? THAT’S how you do it. Trust me.


She can have everything. My cock. My cum. My undying devotion. It’s all hers if she’ll just fuck me. Please fuck me, Rihanna. I’m yours.

Rihanna bathing in the water at One Sandy Lane beach in Barbados

Oh, who am I kidding. I wanna fuck Alison Brie every day.


I haven’t seen “American Hustle” yet but it’s at the top of my Must See movies so hopefully I get a chance to check it out soon. I read online that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams kiss in one scene. I’m sure it’s one of those shitty Hollywood lesbian “kisses” devoid of anything that will drain me of my cum. But it is Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams kissing and that’s still pretty damn good.

If it was me, the kiss would be long, sensual and passionate, followed by a torrid 69 with Amy on top as these two hot pieces of ass lap at one another’s wet pussies. Then the scene would conclude with Jennifer pounding Amy with a strap on until the older woman was screaming as she came.

Now that’s an Oscar winning scene.

I honestly can’t believe nobody in Hollywood has hired me to write a blockbuster yet when I clearly know how to write spectacular and memorable scenes. Fuckers.

Amy Adams;Jennifer LawrenceJenniferLawrence_AmericanHustleStills_ (1)

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