May 2013

Miley Cyrus has a new CD coming out soon. In case you didn’t know it, she also has nice tits. In what can only be described as a genius promotional idea, Miley has decided the best way to promote the CD is by showing off her tits. So even if people think the music sucks they can still want to suck on Miley’s tits and fuck her all night long.


Pure genius.


Heather Graham is 43 years old but as this picture attests she can still fill out a bikini with the best of ’em. Roller Girl’s tits are still fantastic and making my cock throb with appreciation. What more could a 43-year-old hot piece of ass want?




I’d still hit it.


Britney Spears And Boyfriend David Lucado Romantic Weekend Getaway

She can thaw out my cock anytime she wants.


Her friend looks cute.

I wonder if the two of them have ever made out.

I wonder if they’d like to suck on my cock together.

I’d like that.

I’d like that a lot.

It’s such a small thing to ask for too.

The request. Not my cock. This is the Internet so my cock is huge. It’s fantastic. It’s everything Chloe needs it to be. And more. So much more.



I don’t have an Instagram account but I need to get one and follow Rihanna because she may be the Instagrammer ever. She love posting pics of her gorgeous body and just the other day she posted this glorious pic of her fantastic ass. Like Rihanna, I love her exquisite ass. I think that makes us soul mates. At the very least we should fuck. Can we fuck Rihanna? Do I need to follow you on Instagram in order to fuck you? If so, I’ll become an Instagrammer for life. Just let me have a taste of your delicious ass.


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