April 2013

Bar Refaeli is a model who used to fuck Leo DiCaprio. So the chances of her fucking me range somewhere between remote and really unbelievably fucking remote.

But a man can dream. And a man can dream about pounding Bar’s sweet pussy after she removes the bikini she wears which makes her body glow and a man’s cock come to life.

It’s a good dream.

And it’s one I plan on having tonight.


I don’t watch “Vampire Diaries” but I do like hot chicks with great bodies and amazing asses. Nina Dobrev is a hot chick with a great body and a spectacular ass. It’s only fitting she comes on my blog because I’m about to cum all over her pics.

Welcome to the Undercover blog Nina. Let’s fuck now.


Oh I’m not done yet. Asses this fine deserve as much attention as possible. My cock is hungry for them.


Not sure my cock is gonna make it out of here alive.

But what a way to go.


Guys, line up to butt-fuck this hot slut.

Girls, line up to grind your pussies against that exquisite ass.

Sound good?

OK then. Orgasms for everyone.


Of course you do.

I have a sudden desire to tit-fuck this hot slut.


In related news, I keep cumming.


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