February 2013

I don’t blame them one bit. I want them too. Ashley has fantastic tits.


Doesn’t she look luscious?

Come over here and fuck me, Chloe. I want to cum with you.

Chloe Moretz-94551c80096458fb_org

I could spend an eternity sucking on them and loving them.

Vanessa Hudgens4

And I still want to make sweet love to her.


In a related story I can’t stop cumming wanting to butt-fuck her.


I always love to see the Hudgens sisters in tights. The only thing better would be seeing them both out of tights. It’s cute how Stella is trying to hide from the paps even though Vanessa is the one everyone knows. It’d be even cuter if Stella was sucking on my cock while Vanessa shoved her sweet ass in my face.

Nobody needs to hide from my love, girls. Let’s all cum together.


Looking good, Brit. Wanna fuck?


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