January 2013

Sadly, this isn’t likely to occur in the eagerly anticipated potential cinematic masterpiece, “Spring Breakers.” But you know these two “close friends” have found time to explore their wild lesbian lusts and consummate the burning passion for one another that is buried within. All I’m asking for is a sex tape and if there’s a God in heaven a series of sex tapes featuring these two fucking. I don’t think I’m asking for too much, am I?


The only question I have is whether to feed her sexy mouth or cum all over those majestic jugs.

Yes it’s another “Spring Breakers” promo pic. This time Selena Gomez is in full Fuck Me I’m A Slut Mode. These pics continue to give my cock a glorious workout. I’m cumming for you again Selena. Just tell me where you want me to cum baby.


And then fucked.

Yup, that’s what happened.

Hey it’s my blog. On your blog they could go out and buy blouses, the latest issue of Cosmo and talk about boys or some shit like that. On mine, they fucked.

With strap-ons and double-headed dildos.

Oh yeah.


In case you hadn’t noticed before. But if you hadn’t noticed before what the hell is wrong with you? Her rack is sensational.


You can’t see all of Stella Hudgens’ fabulous legs in this picture but I can see enough of their loveliness to make me cum. For that I am eternally grateful. And horny. So very very horny.


I’d like to spend some time licking and kissing that tight ass.

A lot of time.


Smart girl. Selena has fantastic tits.

Yes it’s another promo pic for “Spring Breakers,” the most eagerly anticipated film of all time.

And yes I’m going to cum again.


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