December 2012

OK, it’s just a little kiss from Ashley’s upcoming film, “Scary Movie 5,” but I’m all about super sexy Ashley Tisdale today and a picture of her kissing another girl is going to make my cock explode yet again. I’d love to see Ashley in a sea of young hot sluts all wanting to kiss her, lick her amazing ass and fuck her. Now that’s a scene I’d happily write for her next film.


Holy mother of God is she hot. I may not stop cumming for days.


I’d love to make sweet, wonderful love to my angelic snow bunny.


I wonder if she likes to be fucked on the beach. That sweet bikini bod is going to make me cum.


This sweet firm teen body in a bikini was built for fucking. I’d love to take Ms. Pia and fuck her all night long.


When I was younger there was a girl who lived across the street who enjoyed undressing at night in front of the window. I eagerly looked forward to those evenings of lust and a multitude of nights began with me watching this slut take off her clothes in front of the window and ended with me cumming intensely fantasizing about fucking her.

I never did fuck that girl but I enjoyed our nightly sessions together. Rihanna is much hotter than that chick was but thankfully like her she’s a full-blown slut who has no qualms taking off all her clothes in front of an open window. Like the girl from my youth I know I’ll never fuck Rihanna but like her she’s going to make me cum and cum hard.

I love sluts. They make my world go round.


There is some serious eye fucking going on with Hayden and this other chick. And we all know that eye fucking leads to real fucking which means not long after this picture was taken the brunette was sporting a strap-on and pounding Hayden’s sweet pussy until the intensity of her orgasms overwhelmed.

Simple deduction, really.


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