November 2012

She’s wielding a light sabre.

She’s also wearing tight jeans.

She’s also making my cock hard.

No Jedi has ever done that before.

I want you Chloe. Let’s fuck.


Here’s a look at the luscious Hayden Panettiere in a bra from this week’s episode of “Nashville.” I hate country music but I’m kinda enjoying this show. It certainly helps that Hayden is playing a hot, young slut, a role she’s perfectly cast to play. In this scene, her fake tits are making my cock throb with delight. If I had an Emmy vote Hayden would get mine. Then I would give her my cock. That’s the true award all hot young actresses should covet.


I like Erin Andrews because she’s hot, has fantastic tits and a dynamite body. I have no respect for her because she fucked every pro athlete she could and used her infamous peephole video as a means to climb the ladder and become a Hollywood celebrity.

When it comes to my cock and wanting to fuck I don’t need to respect the chick. I just want that sweet piece of ass. Unfortunately, I’m not rich and a famous athlete so I have no chance to fuck Erin Andrews. But that won’t stop me from cumming. You can’t take that way from me, Erin. It’s mine. All mine.


I’d love to lick her sweet round ass while she’s doing a handstand.


Here’s the lovely Chloe getting down at a Rihanna concert in London recently. If there was any justice in the world after this concert was over Chloe would’ve returned to her hotel and come to my room and made sweet love to me as both of us got off fantasizing about how hot it would be if Rihanna joined us. Can you imagine Rihanna thrusting a strap-on in and out of Chloe’s aching pussy? I can. Oh I definitely can.


I want to suck on those sweet young tits and cum with this teen temptress. She makes my cock throb with delight.


Oh how I would love to suck on her gorgeous melons. Feed ’em to me, baby.

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