July 2012

Taylor Momsen is back on her “singing” tour and since the only thing anybody cares about with her is her body, she wisely is flashing her wonderful tits again for the world to see. She also is getting chicks with great jugs to hop on stage and show them off to everyone too.

As I ponder this picture more it suddenly occurs to me – Taylor Momsen may be our new Messiah. I intend to bow down in front of her the next time I see her and worship her sweet pussy and fine ass. I think it’s what the Savior would want.


In a related story, Vanessa makes me high – especially her fantastic ass which I want to kiss, lick and fuck for all eternity.

Mind if I suck on them?

I’d love to bury my cock inside that amazing ass and fuck her for hours.

I want to lose myself between them for days and days and days.

Come fuck me Vanessa. I’m all yours.

She’s also wearing thigh-high stockings and looking like she’s all set to fuck.

But mainly she’s sitting on a pool table.

I’ve never known quite what to make of Kristen Stewart. At times, she seems kinda hot. Other times she has the sexual appeal of a piece of wood. And I’ve pretty much been convinced no matter what that she’s a dyke and she had to be bearding for Robert Pattinson because that guy is clearly gay.


But then comes word that Kristen whored herself out to the director of the Snow White movie nobody saw, breaking Team Edward’s heart (hearts?) into a million tiny pieces. I’m not sure what surprised me more here, that apparently this relationship was real or the fact Kristen Stewart had sex or the fact she had sex with a guy.

Maybe all of the above.

Anyway, Kristen Stewart is a whore and whores are always welcome on my blog. And as you can see from one of the pics below she does have a pretty fucking nice ass. So welcome to my blog, Kristen. I’m glad you’re a whore but even though I may now want to fuck you that doesn’t mean I’ll want to watch those shitty “Twilight” movies.

Glowing vampires?

Give me a fucking break.

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