June 2012

I’ve written before that while I think Olivia Munn is smokin hot she comes across as a stuck-up bitch who thinks she’s far more impressive and special than she really is. The truth is she’s not very talented and when you’re an actress who’s hot but not talented the least you can do is get naked.

Wisely, Olivia has done just that in a movie I’ll never see called “Magic Mike.” Here’s Olivia showing off some of her strongest assets – her tits. She isn’t much of an actress and she definitely seems to be overly fond of herself but she does have nice tits.

And nice tits go a long way in my book.

Nice of them to make a Friday appearance, don’t you think?

Thanks to blog reader Semper for giving me the heads up about this pic.

I’m not a detective but I play one here on my blog and one of the things I pretend to be good at is spotting which female celebrities are fucking each other. Here we see Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. Both looking very hot and smiling and clearing getting ready to pull out a double-headed dildo so they can slam their asses against each other and fuck one another until the orgasms rage out of control.

What else could possibly be going on with this picture? Go ahead and come up with a more logical possibility.

I dare ya.


Blake Lively knows what she’s got and she knows how to use it. Here’s Blake showing off her fine ass and big jugs. Not as revealing as some pics of hers I’ve seen but good enough to make my cock swell with joy.

I just want to eat her all up.

You look so big and wonderful. Can I play with you and love you?

Oh, and orgasms.

Lots and lots of orgasms.

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