April 2012

I can’t see what she’s pointing at. I’m too busy looking at her lips.

Hold on a second.


I’ve definitely had this dream.

Here’s Ashley taking a picture of her fake tits in a bikini while in Hawaii recently. I like Ashley and her fake tits and I like to see them in a bikini. Now I’d like to see them out of a bikini and her in my bed begging to be fucked.

Sounds like a good Friday to me.

If you’re a regular person, Twitter is a good way to see what’s going on in the world, stay abreast of current affairs and keep tabs on friends or celebs who interest you.

If you’re a hot female celebrity you use Twitter to post revealing or semi-naked pictures of yourself to help me cum. Kaley Cuoco clearly understands the depth and power of Twitter. Here she is posting a pic of herself in a bikini wearing body paint. And now I’m going to cum.

God bless you, Kaley Cuoco and your eternal Twitter savvy.

She looks comfortable.

I wonder if there’s anything I can do to help.

Nice lips.

And hard.

Very, very hard.

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