March 2012


May they never wear anything else. Even though my cock cannot take the strain of delight this has caused I only want to see them in bikinis or nothing at all.

How the fuck do I get this job? I couldn’t be more qualified. Please let me take pictures of Vanessa’s ass for a living. I’ll do it for free. Are you paying this guy to do this, Vanessa? He’s stealing from you. Flat-out stealing.


I know I will.

My cock needs you and loves you.

The ultra-hotness just keeps on cumming.

And so does my cock.

She’s still in a bikini making “Spring Breakers” in Florida and she continues to make me cum with each new, ravishing pic. I’m not sure my cock can take anymore of this.

But what a way to go.

I’m in love.

And I’m so fucking hard.


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