February 2012

I think it’s important for all of my readers to know that while I lust after many hot pieces of ass I do still love Brea Grant. She remains my special girl and I love her like no other. I just want to fuck a lot of other girls too. The great thing about Brea is she understands and is only too happy to join me as she gets her lesbian rocks off. It’s one of the many thing that makes our relationship so special and why it will endure forever.

It’s just a damn shame only one of us knows about it. That really sucks.


She makes me cum.

I haven’t seen any of Jennifer Lawrence’s films although I’ve heard good things about her as an actress. It’s definitely apparent she has a fantastic bod and is built for fucking. If she can act too, that’s a bonus. All I know is one look at those tits and that body and my cock wants to sing.

And then cum.

That’s how it rolls.


This was a pretty sad year for the Oscars. Usually, there’s no shortage of hotness to ogle, lust after and cum over. But this year? Not so much. Jennifer Lopez was the only celebrity willing to show off the goods – sorry I just can’t take Angelina Jolie’s right leg seriously – and I’m kinda bored with JLo so despite a good view of her tits I still wanted more.

So with nobody stateside doing their part it was left for me to go overseas to Paris to find this year’s award winner. That was Kate Winslet, who was receiving an award in Paris for having a truly wondrous pair of tits. It may have had something to do with her acting ability too but for me, it was all about the tits.

Congratulations Kate, you won the Oscars this season. Your tits are magnificent.

Here’s the deal with the Oscars – I love movies but I’m almost never see all of the key nominated films/performances. That’s even more true the last few years with the idiotic decision to nominate something like 500 films for Best Picture. It’s just too much and too stupid. And I hate stupid things.

Anyway, I always watch the show mainly because it’s usually a great night for hot chicks to show off their bodies for the masses. Sadly, last night was a huge disappointment. Other than Jennifer Lopez I’m not sure any babe on stage showed off their tits in fabulous fashion. What a waste. I also haven’t seen “The Artist” so I can’t say if it deserved all the awards it received. “Hugo” was the best film I saw last year so I was rooting for that to win and I think it was very deserving.

So none of the award winners really wowed me although I thought Meryl Streep’s speech was great. And while Billy Crystal did a decent job as the host again did he really have to rehash every single thing he’d done in the past? I love the clips within the film stuff but little else felt fresh. More importantly, the ONE singular moment of the show was something Crystal missed completely.

Angelina Jolie’s leg.

Seriously, how do you host a show and see someone get on stage and be so completely and utterly pretentious and NOT make fun of it? That’s the moment you live for as a host – a celebrity taking themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY and putting themselves front and center and ripe for the picking.

But Crystal either didn’t see it or wasn’t smart enough to realize he had gold staring him in the face.

Twitter went nuts mocking Jolie and rightfully so. This was like when Madonna trots out her fake British accent. There’s no way in hell you just give that a free pass. Fortunately, Jim Rash (part of the great “Community” cast) seized the moment by the balls when he was one of the Adapted Screenplay winners and did what Crystal couldn’t – he identified the target, took aim and landed with both barrels blasting.

I will say this about Crystal, he’s comfortable as the host and the show does well with him for the most part. It would just be nice if he tried some new material and had a sharper edge.

Ultimately, the show left me with two main thoughts:

1. I should’ve DVR’d The Oscars and watched “The Walking Dead” live instead of the other way around.

2. Where were the tits?

I’ll post my thoughts about the Oscars later today but first I wanted to showcase Kate Winslet and her fantastic tits. Unfortunately, Kate wasn’t at the show last night. She took her tits to London which is a damn shame because she would have easily been the best thing about the show last night. But whether she’s in this country or not, Kate’s award-winning bosom is always a highlight for me.

Tonight is the Oscars and even though I haven’t seen many of the nominated films and performances I’ll still tune in and hope the few ones I did see win and see plenty of great tits in action. After all, that’s really what the Oscars are all about – hot actresses showing off their tits.

Hayden Panettiere isn’t nominated for an Oscar tonight but she’s a hot actress and here she is showing off her tits. She can make me cum any time she wants. I promise to give her an award-winning orgasm.

Or at least mine will be.

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