December 2011

I can’t think of a better way for 2011 to go out with a bang than ogling Rihanna’s amazing ass. It’s the kind of ass that makes me want to get on my knees and bury my tongue deep inside it, licking every sweet inch before thrusting my cock into it until I cum.

That is how we celebrate New Year’s Eve at my place. So come on over Rihanna and let’s fuck the night away.

Happy New Year everyone. I’m going to cum now.

My favorite nubian piece of ass also is frolicking about in a bikini. And like Vanessa and Miley before her, she’s going to make me cum.


I wanna fuck you, Rihanna.

Indeed she does.

For most of us, winter means freezing our asses off, stuck inside trying to stay warm. For rich people, it means getting out of the cold and going somewhere warm and fun – like Hawaii. And for rich hot chicks, it means going to Hawaii and looking good enough to fuck in a bikini.

Case in point – Miley Cyrus.

Here’s the sexy Miley prancing around Hawaii in a bikini showing off the kind of bod that makes my cock so very happy. My cock wants you Miley. So prance on over here and fuck me till I can’t cum no more.

Here’s Vanessa in Miami frolicking about in a mesh swimsuit. I look at her and I want to fuck her. I think she wants to fuck me too. That’s what I imagine she’s thinking so who are you to argue with me?

I lust her.

Let’s fuck, Vanessa. I’m going to cum anyway. It might as well be all over your tits.

I can imagine when sultry Vanessa is considering her wardrobe choices for the day the following thoughts fill her lovely head:

“I have an amazing ass.”

“What should I wear to show off my amazing ass?”

“How about these tight pants?”


I love you Vanessa. Please let me butt-fuck you.

This morning I woke up and couldn’t sleep so I came thinking about fucking Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale in a three-way. It was pretty hot if I say so myself. Apparently Ashley found out about that fantasy and as you can see she’s clearly unhappy that we all didn’t get to fuck for real.

That’s easily rectified baby. You and Vanessa come on over to my place and let’s all fuck. I’ll turn that frown upside down with my cock.

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