November 2011

I’m pretty sure she’s going to prison at some point for fucking an underage girl. But her tits are so magnificent I promise to wait for her to get out so we can fulfill our destiny of love.

I won’t be faithful to you while you’re getting anally fucked in the big house, Selena. C’mon, you can’t expect me to withhold my love when there are so many young sluts who deserve it.

But when you get out baby, me and you are gonna fuck like crazy and I am going to love your beautiful jugs.

It’s important to know the protocol for how best to cheer on your favorite NFL team if you’re a hot piece of ass. Hayden Panettiere clearly understands that. Here she is at last Sunday’s Jets game, following the proper steps. And they are:

1. Show up.

2. Look hot and completely fuckable.

3. Bend over and show off your tits

Check. Check and check for the luscious Hayden. She probably doesn’t even know that the Jets won. But does anyone really care? All we want to do is fuck her and suck on her firm, fake tits.

Here’s a pic of her from four years ago. What an amazing piece of ass she was. So hot and such amazing jugs. She still has great tits but the rest of her is a fucking train wreck. It must’ve been heaven to have fucked her back then. What a waste of a wonderful young slut.

I’m not sure there’s another credible explanation for what’s going on here. Amanda is wearing tight pants. She’s bent over with her ass in the air. What other signal could she possibly be sending? I’m no Dr. Phil but it seems pretty obvious this is Amanda’s way of telling the word she wants a hard cock or a wonderful strap on thrusted into her glorious ass.

Sara Rue is that rare commodity on the planet – a bigger girl who is amazingly hot. She’s hovered around TV for awhile but has never really gotten to be a big star. Fortunately for us, though, she has big tits and now she’s showing them off in a movie I’ll never watch. So here they are in all of their glory. Let us all commence to wanting to fuck Sara and sucking on her majestic mams.

My love for her is undeniable. The lust I feel for her is indescribable. Brea Grant makes my cock throb with delight. Please come here and fuck me Brea and make me the happiest boy in the world.

And I’m still very happy about that.

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