October 2011

Here is Miley Cyrus dressed up like a cat or something for Halloween. I didn’t even pay much attention to the costume. I was too busy looking at her tits. AJ Michalka’s jugs are looking mighty fine too. After this picture was taken Miley had the Michalka sisters for desert, fucking them both with strap-ons. Happy Fuckin Halloween Miley.

Here is the off-the-charts hot Kat Dennings in the latest issue of GQ. Seeing her sexiness explode off the printed page makes my cock want to explode. Well done, Kat. Do you wanna fuck?

Here is Scarlett Johansson with her hair dyed black for a new role. Notice how hot she is as a brunette. Then notice how sweet her ass looks in tight pants. I want to butt fuck her.

God bless them.

Word on the streets (or the Innerwebs) is that Demi Lovato is fucking Wilmer Valderrama again. I can’t say I’m surprised to hear this because most chicks like to fuck guys with money and/or fame. They can’t see past one or the other and the desire to fuck the money and fame consumes them. Fez definitely has money although his claim to fame these days is tenuous to say the least. But Demi doesn’t care. She just wants to fuck a rich guy and so they’re going at it again. I actually respect Fez here because I think it’s outstanding if a guy in his 30s is nailing hot teen sluts.

So mad props to you Fez.

Of course, the last time Demi was fucking Fez she ended up doing massive quantities of drugs, took cell phone pics of girls licking her tits and (allegedly) made a bunch of sex tapes and then ended up in rehab. So I’m sure things are going to end up going really well for her now. I mean, what are the odds this will end in an epic disaster for her?

Hopefully we at least get to see the sex tapes this time.

Last night I posted the pics from Brea Grant’s video “Lost/Loved” which featured my girlfriend almost naked. Here is the full video. I hope you cum as often as I did watching it. I love you, Brea. Let’s make love.

I just came again.


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