August 2011

Girls who want you to look at their tits are hot.

Ashley Tisdale is hot.

I’m looking at her tits.

It’s what she wants.

I used to work with her. She has an amazing body. Her tits are fantastic. She’s now engaged. She posted a picture of herself on Facebook today in a bikini. Her tits look incredible. I’ll never get to fuck her. It makes me sad.

The lovely Demi has pretty much vanished from sight since coming out of rehab. But I will always have a hard cock for her because I know at heart she’s a hot, young slut who loves to fuck and because I’m convinced there’s a sex tape out there with her name on it. Until then, I will look at these pictures and fantasize about the two of us cumming together in ecstasy.

When I look at Vanessa Hudgens, my cock gets hard. When my cock gets hard I want to fuck. When I want to fuck, I want to fuck Vanessa Hudgens.

She’s gonna me make me cum.


The Duff sister with the mostest now that Hilary has taken herself out of the game. Here’s Haylie on her way to work out to keep that smokin bod toned and ready for me to ravish and love like she’s never been loved before.


If this is what hell is like I’m booking my trip today.

Vanessa Hudgens is the definition of sex. Her firm young body sets my loins on fire. Those legs are luscious and I want to part them so badly. It’s time for Vanessa and I to make the kind of love we’ve both dreamed about.

Of course, she’s been dreaming about it with someone else. But that’s a minor detail I think we can overcome.

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