July 2011

It’s Hilary Duff’s sensational ass and Haylie Duff’s fantastic tits in (near) bikinis. Had I not already cum three times today I’d set some time aside now to cum while I fantasized about fucking them both.

Oh who am I kidding? I’m going to cum and it’s going to be wonderful.

I love the Duff sisters.


Here’s the insanely sexy Vanessa wearing a mesh top which shows off a glimpse of her firm young tits. Oh, the hot chick she’s with is her friend Laura, who some believe spends her free time grinding her pussy against Vanessa’s.

I’m all for that.

As long as I can watch.

Then spend the rest of the night fucking Vanessa.

I think I’ve earned all that.

Julie Benz is incredibly hot. She has an amazing body. Her ass is magnificent. Unfortunately, she’s engaged. I still want to butt-fuck her, though. I think she understands why.

Here’s the lovely Selena, thankfully sans-Bieber, wearing a bikini that shows off her majestic bosom and tight, young, fuckable bod. Selena is entering her prime as a hot piece of ass. The only thing missing is a lesbian orgy sex tape. Let’s hope that’s on the horizon.

At some point she’s going to dump Bieber and get a real man. Before that maybe she’ll come find me. I’d happily fuck this hot little minx. It’s just the kinda guy I am.

Loving, sweet and wonderful.

I love her and her amazing ass. I think if I asked nicely she would let me butt-fuck her.

I want to make sweet, passionate anal love to her.

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