March 2011

It’s late in the week and it’s early in the day so I don’t have the energy presently to wax poetic so here is what I’ve got.

I want to fuck Hilary Duff.

Nuff said.

Alyson Michalka’s body is damn near perfect. Terrific tits. Dynamite legs. Sweet ass. It’s as if a sculptor designed the perfect body and gave it a name.

Alyson Michalka.

There are some national treasures that will forever leave people breathless. Mt. Rushmore. The Grand Canyon. Just to name two.

And Hilary Duff’s ass.

The roundness. The tightness. The gorgeous shape. The exquisite beauty that is just begging for my cock to plunge inside. It is all there and it is why Hilary’s ass is one of the greatest treasures on this wonderful planet.

I crave it.

I heart it.

I lust after it.

I want to fuck it.

Her luscious body makes my penis tingle.

And then cum.

And cum some more.

She is some kinda hot chocolate woman. I would love to pound my cock in and out of her.

This is what I see every day after Vanessa and I wake up and fuck each other silly. Her gorgeous ass in tight jeans walking away only to return later in the day for more wonderful lovemaking.

In my opinion, Kate Winslet is the finest actress working in movies today. Her range is extraordinary and the depth of her performances magnificent. She is worthy of all the praise she has received in her career thus far.

She also has gorgeous tits and thankfully she still wants the world to know it.

Here’s the lovely Kate wearing a skin-tight dress which shows off her ample bosom. I wonder if she would let me suck on them for awhile.

Hmmm …

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