January 2011

The hot Disney slut has been released from rehab and as you can see from this picture she has emerged with her smokin body still wonderfully intact. Here’s hoping she’s ditched the drugs but hasn’t forgotten how to fuck and let’s hope there are some “private” sex pics of Demi soon to be launched upon a willing and horny world.

Welcome back, Demi. Your hotness and slutiness have been greatly missed.

Aly Michalka isn’t a cheerleader. She just plays one on TV. But as you can tell, she plays one really really well. How can I tell? Because looking at her doing her cheerleader stuff makes my penis ache with appreciation. And that’s the true sign of school spirit if I ever saw it.

And she’s still really fucking hot.

Winter can be a long, brutal and treacherous time of the year. The bitter cold and the snow combine to make life miserable. So during these difficult times we need a ray of sunshine to serve as a reminder of how wonderful things really are.

We need Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini.

Now this makes every day of every year worth living. A hot piece of ass wearing a bikini. It’s the kind of beauty I truly do appreciate and it makes me want to cum and cum and cum some more.

God bless you, Vanessa Hudgens. You have made my cock throb with delight and brought a soothing glow of beauty during these harsh Winter months.

Her glorious jugs make me happy.

Does that sound crude? Would it be more romantic to say I want to make sweet love to her gorgeous ass instead? Either way, I want my cock in her fine ass. Grammar police can spell it however they want.

I’m not sure why G4 didn’t hire Alison Haislip to be the co-host of “Attack of the Show.” She’s much cooler than Olivia Munn was and every bit as hot. But while the network clearly fucked up with that decision they did have the good sense to send Alison out to swim with sharks in a bikini. These are the types of programming decisions that win people Emmy’s.

And there’s little doubt that Alison has an Emmy-award winning ass. It’s the kind of ass that makes my cock throb and the love in my heart burst with joy. Or is it she makes my heart throb and my cock burst with joy? Or both?

Anyway, she has a gorgeous ass and I have the pics to prove it.

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