October 2010

I think we can safely deduce that sweet sexy Hilary got some work done. Her chest has blossomed nicely and I admire the smarts on Hilary to get regular size looking tits and not mammoth porn star tits. Wise choice. It just makes me want her even more. I cannot control my lust or the cum that’s building in my cock as I stroke my cock to a climax looking at her wonderful tits. Such sweet relief.

Those are some gorgeous chocolate jugs.

I’ve always found Reese Witherspoon to be under-the-radar hot. Part of it was she had a nice rack she rarely showed off and another part was I just suspected she really liked to fuck. That’s why I was puzzled when she married a gay guy. But hot chicks do stupid shit a lot of the time and rarely do anything that makes sense. So I just chalked it up to another hot chick doing stupid shit.

But Reese is single and looking hot again. Here she is showing off her underrated tits. Well done Reese.

Can you guess what it was?

And look scorching hot. I’d love to have me a Duff-some.

The world is instantly a happier place and blood is surging to my penis.

Oh happy days.


I’d gladly suck on them for her.

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